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Web Design

Our Process

After you have contacted us about a new or revamp of you exiting website. I'd like to meet with you. Although we can do websites for customers far away (I have done a website for someone in the Netherlands). We prefer to work with clients in and around centurion. I'd love to have eye to eye contact with my clients. I feel it is more personal and I will be able to get more information about your website needs to give you the proper website or solution.

1 You Approach us

You can contact us by phone or drop me an email through my contact form with a quick description of your needs.

2 Needs Analyses

We will discuss your website requirements, your goals for the website, your audience, marketing strategy, look and feel you would like etc.

3 Quote

After I gathered all the required information I will put together a quotation. If you are happy with the quote we move to point 4, otherwise no hard feelings and the process stops here.

4 Gather Content

Although we can do some copy writing. It is better if you provide us with the content and images for the website. After all you know your business best. If required we can source images at an extra cost, depending on the source.It is important that all images used on your website have the right license. We can give you some guidance on where to search for free public domain images.

5 Design

After all the information is collected, I will propose a structure of layout, menus etc. Then all the fun (hard work) starts, designing your website. I tend to develop locally (which means it is not visible on internet, but  it faster for me to make changes if I have to write custom code) I will then  upload at certain stages so you can see progress and point out some changes you want.

6 Hosting

Hosting your website, or going live. We will tweak the site for SEO, speed and make sure everything works (like contactforms etc.) We will submit it to the search engines and add it to directory sites.

If at that time you want some minor changes no problem, we'll do it free of charge. Now let the visitors come.


We have optimized your website for the search engines as much as we can, but ranking is dependent on many factors. The amount of competition for your keywords, the content, speed of your site, user experience and many more. The search engines are not going to tell us their secrets of their ranking, so what we do is working with what we know from experience and keeping up to date. One thing we know is that google starts preferring secure sites and mobile friendly sites. 

Management & Maintenance

Once your website is hosted, that does not mean the end of the work. A website just like a house needs maintenance and the occasional upgrade or improvement. First of all your website has to stay secure, there are many hackers in cyberspace which like to exploit bugs in outdated software. So we regularly check for updates which patch those vulnerabilities and test that they don't introduce some other problem. Your business is dynamic as well and you probably need to change or add things to your website as well.  The maintenance is included in your hosting fee including some small changes, but for larger work we will have to quote you. We still have to make a living.


Marketing your website is where you come into play. You can do digital marketing (like buying adwords on google. Those are the results which show on top of the pages in google search.) Pricing for those is depending on many factors it can be as low as a few cents to 100 Rand or more. Of course you will have to add your website address to any marketing material you have, brochures, business cards, outdoor advertising and cars. There are many business directories as well so slowly start adding your business website to them.

Design is great, but without functionality it is like a car without engine.

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