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Hosting your website

Yes we will host your website as we offer a complete package from design to hosting, unfortunately if you only want to buy hosting with us we can't help you as hosting is not our core business and you will find many companies who can give you a better price. We don't want to compete on price we want to offer a service to our customers. We manage your hosting and make sure your website stays up and running without involvement from you.

We make sure the CMS (WordPress) and plugins are updated. This is important as bugs and security issues are fixed. After the update we will check if everything still works as it is supposed to work.

We also make use of various commercial plugins which we offer for free or for a discounted price. Most plugins need a yearly renewal for updates and we try to include it in the hosting.

By using various technologies we try to make your website as fast as possible. 

We make use of reputable local companies to host your website. 

You want us to design your website but not host with us no problem, unfortunately we can't manage your website for free and we will have to discuss a price for this service. Of course you can manage it yourself but certain premium plugins might not be updated anymore and you might have to get your own licence.


Every company has a budget so pricing is important. As written above we won't and can't compete on price as it is not sustainable. We differentiate on the service we offer. You look after your business we look after your website.

Pricing starts from R190,00 a month. Most websites will fall in this price.

Some websites will require more time to manage depending on functionality or resources required and will unfortunately cost more. We will discuss this with you before you decide to use us as your service provider.

Save some money

You want to save some money, pay us upfront for a year and we will give you 1 month free.

(Pay for 11 months and get 12 months)

It will save us some admin (which equals to time) and we want to reward you for that.

If you leave us within the year we will pay you back for the months you did not use. 

Have 3 or more websites with us how about an extra 10% of the total invoice.

Bring us customer and have a month of free hosting on us.

No Contracts

We don't do contracts, if you want to leave us for what ever reason, no hard feelings. (It will be nice to tell us why though.) 

Just inform us 7 days before month end. (So we don't have to sent an invoice for the next month.)

We will keep your website live for about 2 weeks so your new provider can transfer your domain and website to their servers.

Of course we can have our reasons as well that we decide that it is better to end our relationship and we go our separate ways. We will inform you and will give you ample time (2 Months, which we won't bill you for) to find a new service provider. Hopefully this will never happen though.

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